Thomas Taylor Band

Carnegie Hall, 611 Church Street, Lewisburg

From The Mountains to the Neon Lights

Musical Presentation

By Thomas Taylor

If only time machines were real, this musical presentation is going to make you feel like they are! Starting in the 1920s, Thomas will take his audience through the Bristol Sessions of country music where it all began in 1927. He will incorporate song and the history of what happened up to the Golden Age of Country Music. The evening will culminate with several songs performed by The Thomas Taylor Band. You will hear various instruments, such as Guitar, Auto Harp, Dobro, Fiddle, Piano, and Peddle Steel Guitar.

Formed in 2017, "Thomas Taylor Band" is dedicated to preserving and continuing Traditional Country Music. They focus primarily on the Honky Tonk Genre, but also have a vast catalog of material, including Western Country Swing, They released their first album "Another Round" in August of 2020. The band consists of Lead Singer, Rhythm, and Lead guitar player Thomas Taylor; Don Drummer, Pedal Steel Guitar; Butch White, Drums; Alex Donahue, Bass/Backup Vocal; and Jerry Wood, Fiddle, and Bill Clapham on Piano.