Thomas Taylor

Lead Singer,Lead and Rhythm Guitar

White Sulpur Springs Wv Native

Thomas Taylor founded "Thomas Taylor Band in 2017

Sticking to his traditional Country roots, he is dedicated to 

preserving and continuing Real country Music.

Don Drummer

Mr. Pedal Steel Guitar! Don Drummer is an original member of the band. He has been playing pedal steel guitar since 1979,he currently resides in Lewisburg West Virginia.

Butch White

Butch White was born with a set of drum sticks in his hands, Originally from Mullens WV, He currently resides in Lewisburg WV .He joined the band in 2019 and hasn't looked back!

Jerry Wood

Hailing from Dixie Caverns Virginia, Jerry is one of the best Fiddle players in the area,He joined the band in 2019. He started playing the Fiddle at a young age learning from his father.

Bill Clapham

Bill Clapham is from Lewisburg West Virginia, he joined the band in 2021, Bill has the shuffling walking left hand, and the Honky Tonking Right Hand.

Alan Copenhaver